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Frequently Asked/Anticipated Questions

Will you do customized boxes with special items provided by the person commissioning the work?

Yes of course, with some disgression. My wife isn't crazy about the box I made after my grandfather died "Nate's (False) Teeth," but many works have contained bones, turtle shells and all kinds of personal objects. (Top thumbnail)

How far will you ship - how much will it cost?

Willing to ship to all 50 states and internationally using the UPS Store to package, insure for the value of the purchase amount and ship. We would prefer no money change hands until a quote can be obtained from the UPS Store for shipping and insurance. Once we know we will provide you with a total cost.

Are you presently represented by a Gallery?

Yes. I am represented by Componere Gallery, 6509 Delmar Boulevard, Saint Louis, MO 63130 PH: 314-721-1181. I have a few pieces there with a show scheduled for April 2011. The owner is Eleanor Ruder and her email address is:

How long does it take to complete a piece?

The larger pieces take about a week, factoring in composition, drying time for paints and assembling all the elements. The smaller pieces take 3-4 days.  

How long have you been making these works?

I have pieces going back 16 years in private collections and have made close to a hundred of the boxes. Except for the fact that each contains a mask element and are rectangular, no two are alike.

Are there any other questions?

That's up to you. Please contact us with your question(s).